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Symptoms of Coronavirus Impact on Blood: 7 warning signs COVID-19 has impacted your blood, according to studies

The damage COVID-19 does for the two vital organs, the heart and the lungs, and the many symptoms it can unleash has been detailed before.

According to many doctors, a strong reason why even healthy patients end up suffering from problems like these is acute blood clotting. Increased pressure, clotting can lead to disturbances and severe signs weeks, or even months after fighting the virus.

A study published in The Lancet Respiratory Medicine observed that blood clots can clog up the lungs and cause problems, including shortness of breath.

In the same way, another American journal also reports that multiple blood clots can weaken heart walls, cause arrhythmias, and even in some cases, serious problems like heart attacks. As with other conditions, the ones with comorbidities and ailments have a heightened risk of developing problems like these.

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