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Emerging trends in the Indian fashion industry – Times of India

Owing to the pandemic, fashion world saw a major slowdown in 2020. People stopped buying designer clothes and instead started investing in designer masks and comfy outfits. From a shift in the buying pattern to fashion weeks going digital, the Covid-19 pandemic hit the global fashion industry to the core. But one good thing that came out of it was the fashion industry growing sagacious in the terms of social and environmental responsibility. We spoke to renowned fashion choreographer and Runway Director, Jagnoor Aneja on how sustainability, optimism and digitalization are the talking points of the season, and she helped us list down the emerging trends in the fashion industry.


Being concerned about the future of the planet is an obvious thing after what the world faced last year. The brands which are focusing on eco-friendly and sustainable clothing and accessories are in demand these days. Sustainability is definitely the most important factor when it comes to fashion consumers as it is largely impacting their buying behaviour.

Size inclusive fashion

There is a rising level of awareness about body shape acceptance and body positivity, hence there has been a a shift in clothing sizes available across the world. Now they vary from plus size to maternity to size-inclusive fashion. Apart from standardized sizing, many designers these days have extended their collections to plus sizes. From editorial shoots to ramp walks, plus-size models can be seen ruling the fashion world. Curvy women have quickly become new fashion favourites.

Trending athleisure

With so many people making lifestyle changes and adapting wellness driven routines have inspired brands to manufacture yoga-inspired clothing. Moreover, courtesy the corona phase, people want to wear comfortable and practical outfits. The brands that are combining fashion and functionality together to create a stylish wearable look are achieving blockbuster growth in the market.

Slaying in Pantone colours

Pantone color of the year has become a racy trend since a few years and this trend has been embraced by people all over the world. Recently, the Pantone Color Institute announced two colours for the year 2021 which are Ultimate Gray and Illuminating. These two colors are surely the most vibrant ones and we all will get to see fashionistas and celebs donning these two colours in 2021.

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