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Coronavirus Vaccine: The best arm to get the COVID-19 vaccine in, according to experts | The Times of India

The vaccination drive has started in various parts of the world to protect people against the novel coronavirus. The vaccination right now is being given to frontline workers like doctors, nurses, army and other people who are helping in the treatment and management of COVID-19 patients. The vaccine is expected to be available for the general public soon. And naturally, people have a lot of questions and apprehensions about getting the vaccine.

Just like most vaccines, the coronavirus vaccine is injected in the upper arm. Most of the vaccines that have been approved till date are two-dose vaccines, where the second dose is being administered about a month after the first one. With this, the most common side effect of any vaccine given in this way is the pain at the injection site.

Some people experience so much pain that they are unable to move their hand for hours or days. This is the one reason why people are concerned about choosing the arm to get the vaccine in. Read on to know the answer.

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