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Squats vs. Lunges: What’s better for toning your legs? | The Times of India

Opinions are divided when it comes to choosing between lunges and squats. Some people prefer to squat because it is easier to do and is less risky than lunges. Squats can also help you target upper body muscles and activate more lower-body muscles. You can use kettlebell, barbell or dumbbell to make it more challenging.

However, another set of fitness experts believe that lunges can help in correcting strength imbalance between the two legs. As we all know that one side of your body is stronger than the other (dominant and non-dominant sides), performing exercises like squatting where both the legs are involved at once, it’s really hard to tell which side is exerting more effort. Eventually, your dominating side will continue to get stronger, the weaker side will remain weak. Lunging is the best to overcome this problem. Lunges are iso-lateral exercises, means one side moves at one time. This can help to correct strength imbalance.

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