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Coronavirus Spread: Adults in the 20-49 years age group more likely to spread COVID: Study

Adults are reportedly the only group still spreading the contagious virus. This was concluded after a study carried out by a team of researchers from Imperial College London using cell phone data from more than 10 million individuals of the USA. The findings revealed that adults between 20 to 49 years have been the only ones significantly responsible for the rising COVID cases. Out of 100, about 65 cases of infections were originated from those belonging to this age group. Children as well teenagers have accounted for the minimal spread of the virus.

As far as the older adults are concerned, they are more vulnerable to the virus but they are less likely to spread it to others. Going by the data, children aged 9 and younger than 9 contributed to less than 5 per cent of infection, while those aged 10 to 19 were responsible for less than 10 per cent.

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