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The CBSE date sheet is out: Here are tips to make the revision easier – Times of India

The date sheets for classes 10 and 12 have been released by the Central Board of Secondary Education. As per the date sheet, the board exams for class 10 and 12 will begin on May 4 and will end on June 7 and June 10 for class 10 and 12 respectively.

The datasheet has been released three months before the exams so that students can get ample time to prepare and overcome any problems they are facing.

Regardless of the time you get to prepare, exam time always leads to anxiety and stress. If you are appearing in boards exams this year, this article will make things easier for you.

Here are some simple and easy tips to reduce stress while preparing for the board exams:

Make a schedule, allot time for each subject

Allocating time to each subject makes sure that you are paying attention to all of them. You can divide the time either by revising one chapter for each subject every day or all chapters of one subject in one day. The former method is usually considered a better one as that doesn’t let you get bored.

You can also start revising with the subjects that you are already good at. This will help boost your self-confidence and let you prepare better for other subjects.

Revise the important topics thoroughly

Though you must revise the entire syllabus but it’s absolutely important to re-revise the important topics. The important topics include the portions which have more weightage of marks.

Practice old papers and sample papers of one subject every week

Knowing everything and not being able to write in the exam is a common problem faced by many students. For this, you can start solving some old question paper or sample paper every week.

This also helps you in managing your time better when you appear for the actual exam.

Take small breaks while you study

Studying for long hours is a common thing when the exams are near but taking breaks in between is equally important. Experts say taking a comic break could do wonders for students. You can watch a short episode of some sitcom while you have your lunch or dinner.

Sometimes, taking a nap in the middle can also make you feel energised and refresh your mind.

Do yoga and meditation to relax

Take out 10-20 minutes every morning and do some yoga. Moving your body can help you start your day on a productive note. Even more important is to start your morning right after you get up, instead of taking 30 minutes or an hour just to get out of bed.

Do not look at your phone right before sleeping or as soon as you get up. It might seem like a break but actually, you are doing the opposite. Absorbing even light information can tire your mind.

Opt for healthy snacks while studying

Instead of having chocolates or packet of chips, choose some dry fruits or grab some fruit while snacking during studying. Making healthier food choices helps in keeping your mind and body satisfied for a longer time. Vegetables, fruits and eggs can keep you energised and make you feel lighter.

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