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All the nail art ideas that are worth copying this year – Times of India

With 2020 giving us more time to be creative, a lot of people tried their hand on nail art. But as the year changes, the trends change too and 2021 has a lot of newness in store. From treating each new nail as its own individual design to doodling designs on them, this year has it all. Here are some best different-coloured nails and mismatched manicure ideas that you can totally copy in the name of 2021 nail art trends.

– Pastel tips: You can switch up a classic French manicure with a springy assortment of pastel tips. This one is where you put together all your pastel nail paint shades and paint each nail tip of a different colour. Swoop some imperfect edges to make it look raw and fun. Pastel colours are never going to go out of style and this trend is the easiest one to achieve.

– Abstract swiggles: Let your creativity do all the talking with this nail art trend. Use all the colours you love and paint your nails in different shapes and designs to create abstract art on each nail. Keep some negative space on each nail to let your creativity shine brightly.

– Velvet tips: Did you think we were only going to talk about colours? Well, you’re wrong. This year, velvet nails can get a level up when you pair them with French tips. You can choose to make them look even cooler by doing a different colour on each hand. Talk about breaking the traditional old rule of having the same nail polish run through both hands. Were breaking all sort of rules this year.

– Tonal gradient: Love a colour too much? Use it to your advantage. Pick all kinds of tints and shades of that colour and paint each nail with a different hue. This year, gradient nails are going to have all the attention. Not only do they look crazy easy to achieve but also so much fun than a single colour painted on all fingers.

– Bright stars: Put on a nude base to create a perfect canvas for this simple yet chic array of colourful stars on your nails. Alternate between different sizes, colours and angles for a unique look of a star each time. This one looks like a combination of subtle yet stylish nail art and we’re here for it!

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