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Is apple cider vinegar safe? What are its substitutes? | The Times of India

Lemon Juice- Just like vinegar, lemon juice also has a very low pH. With its citrus touch, lemon juice helps in giving a tangy and refreshing touch to your recipe.

White Wine- White wine also works fine and can be used in place of apple cider vinegar. It has a unique citrusy flavour, with a touch of tropical aroma. You can also use red wine but it might change the colour of your dish a bit.

Malt Vinegar- Malt vinegar is prepared by fermenting barley which gives it a yeasty taste. It has a mild sweet flour which is perfect if you are looking for apple cider vinegar alternatives. Make sure you avoid it if you are gluten-intolerant.

Rice Vinegar- Rice vinegar belongs to the category of mild vinegars, just like apple cider vinegar. It is perfect for rice-based dishes, stir-frying veggies or adding a tangy touch to soups. Rice vinegar is sweeter than apple cider vinegar but it acts as a perfect substitute.

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