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Why you must dump your non-stick ware and switch to cast iron now | The Times of India

1. The first and and foremost reason is, it is safe! Being a very popular means of cooking in the first half of the 20th century, it fell out of favour after people began to be lured by cheap aluminum utensils and when Teflon began to be used as a coating for cookware in the 1950s.

2. Variety: Types of cast iron cookware include frying pans, dutch ovens, griddles, waffle irons, dosa pans, tavas, kadhai, crepe maker, wok, pots, etc. Basically it can be used for making any kind of utensil.

3. Ideal for cooking: They are heavy, which prevents burning of food, they help distribute heat evenly and they do not impart any taste to food, like regular iron vessels do.

4. Dose of iron: We can get our regular dose of iron by cooking food in these utensils.

5. They are affordable and durable: You don’t need to keep replacing them every six months. They will last forever!

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