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Bird flu: Stopped eating chicken, eggs? Here’s how to complete your daily protein requirement | The Times of India

According to WHO and the latest guidelines issued by the FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India), avian influenza doesn’t spread to humans via poultry eggs and meat, meaning it is safe to eat eggs and chicken, as long as your source of origin isn’t contaminated, you cook your meats and eggs under high temperature and ensure good hygiene practices.

Guidelines also suggest people cook the yolks of the eggs well and avoid eating runny eggs right now.

However, there can be fears amongst non-vegetarians regarding the source and origin of the produce.

As per reports, the demand for poultry products has already gone down, with many avoiding eating it altogether.

Eggs, chicken and meats are one of the best ways to score proteins, aid weight loss and fill you up with a lot of other vital nutrients and minerals too. In the light of the situation, which a lot of people have foregone consuming eggs and chicken, the question arises- how do you score up on protein and match your daily requirement?

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