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Coronavirus symptoms: The best way to treat COVID symptoms at home | The Times of India

If you are a lone COVID patient at home, self-isolation will be required till the time you recover so as to protect the ones around you. If possible, try and minimize your contact with the ones at home, stay in a room with ample sunshine and ventilation. Doctors also suggest that patients have a separate room which has a different bathroom attached to it.

Sanitisers, disinfectants, masks, handwash, contactless thermometers, steam inhalation machines, pulse oximeters, clean laundry and separate bedding arrangements will be required.

If you have a co-morbidity such as uncontrolled sugar or blood pressure, you will also require frequent checking of vitals, so ensure that you have a BP monitor and glucose monitoring machines as well, since any instability in these vital parameters can be a sign of worry during your recovery phase.

Since you will also be staying isolated, away in your room for at least 10-14 days, you can also procure things which will help you stay mentally fit and active. Books, mediative journals, puzzles- any you prefer will help you pass time and make the sickness phase a lot more comfortable.

Do remember that even asymptomatic cases require self-isolation since they can still spread the virus onto others.

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