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Afghanistan 48/0 in 8.0 Overs | Live cricket score: Afghanistan vs Ireland, 1st ODI – The Times of India

6.5 overs

4lbAfghanistan- 34/0

Barry McCarthy to Javed Ahmadi, FOUR LEG BYES! The Irish players are not happy as they wanted the review but the umpires deny them becuase the 15 seconds were over. They are involved in an animated discussion with the umpire but nothing comes to fruition. Length delivery on middle, Ahmadi looks to flick but gets hit on the pads. The bowler appeals for lbw but the umpire denies it. The ball goes to the third man region for a boundary. Ireland think of a review but but after a while, they want to take it but the umpire says no as the 15 seconds were over. 

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