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Things you need to know before jumping on the acrylic nail trend – Times of India

Sure, it is wise to follow trends, but it’s always wiser to know everything about the particular trend before you get on with it. Acrylic nails have been the biggest fashion trend in current times that almost every person has been jumping on. Some people lie to explore bold shades, patterns, shapes as well as sizes while others like to keep it simple and subtle. No matter how tempting acrylic nails would seem, there are a few things that you must keep in mind about the same before you get them done yourself.

– It requires maintenance: Acrylic nails are a bit of a task. They require consistent maintenance at all times. The moisture can get under your nails at times that can end up developing a fungus or an infection. Make sure your nails are always clean and that you use certain nail oils to keep them healthy.

– It can get uncomfortable at the start: When you are new to acrylic nails, it could be a painful experience for you. It might feel too tight and the pain can last for a couple of days. Your manicurist will suggest the length of the nails that can make you feel comfortable. Consider that length instead of going big and bold in the first sitting itself.

– It can get bothersome to perform certain tasks: Once you get acrylic nails done, it could get a tad bit of a task to do some jobs. Chances are, the length of your nails can come in between and make things complicated like opening cans, wearing contacts, typing, picking up items or finger foods.

– They aren’t a long-term commitment: It’s not like you’re stuck with acrylic nails for a lifetime. You can always choose to get them removed when you please. Some people even like to keep them for specific occasions only, like events and marriage. You can very much remove them after a short period of time.

– Get them removed on time: Don’t go too long before getting your acrylic nails removed or they might break and come off on their own. This will end up harming your natural nails and so you need to be very specific about making your manicure appointment in time. Don’t neglect your nails by avoiding a manicure as it might lead to long term damage to your nails.

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