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Shabana Azmi thanks her “well wishers around the globe” as she reminisces the near fatal road accident from 2020 – Times of India

Veteran actress Shabana Azmi safely emerged from a near fatal accident last year. The actress had met with an accident on the Mumbai-Pune expressway and was rushed to a nearby hospital. Reminiscing the bitter experience from January 2020, she penned a note of gratitude for her ‘well wishers’ on social media.

Shabana Azmi thanked everyone for praying for her, “It was at this time last year that I had my near fatal road accident! Thank you for the prayers of well wishers around the globe, the security personnel who rescued me.”

Back to work in months post the accident, Shabana Azmi had told ETimes previously, “I had fainted. I was told it was a very close shave. Because of the injury to the brain, I can say that I have a brain (smiles). But 40 days later, I resumed work for ‘Halo’ in Budapest. Work keeps you going and you need to carry on. I received so much respect and concern from all parts of the world during that accident period and I think that’s one of the main reasons I recovered. I still go off to Khandala but have to be a little careful of course.”

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