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Raftaar: If international rappers can fetch a hefty sum in India, it’s high time the tables turn – Times of India

Indian rapper, songwriter and composer Raftaar was one of the many Indian celebrities who had contracted the Coronavirus last year. And, although he couldn’t initially believe the results and kept calling it a technical error, Raftaar is now ready to embrace life (and the year ahead) head-on!

When Bombay Times asked about the role of music in his life – whether it’s his solace or an outlet for all his pent-up frustrations – the ‘Dilli Waali Baatcheet’ hitmaker was quick to reply, “It’s only out of struggle that success is truly born. My music is my life story and every single of mine somewhere reflects that narrative. My music wasn’t my solace but the medium I took to, to inspire others who were waging a similar battle. Music for me has been my day one passion and never my comfort zone where I could engage in self-pity. Music allows me to challenge myself and bring out an impoverished version of myself every single day.”

“Well, going global has never been my day one priority but it became important over the years to me and my partner Ankit Khanna because we wanted to take the desi hip hop brand of music to mature markets and set the stage for Indian music. If international rappers can fetch a hefty sum when they come to India to perform, I think it’s high time the tables turn and Indian rappers get a fair chance to build the same quantum of brand lineage internationally. With my independent music label, I was very focused on promoting budding talent and one year down the line we have proved our mission, signed a bunch of artists and they are doing extremely well. With the French tie-up, I will get an opportunity to leverage and promote my independent music and with my Indian label is to leverage my commercial music and this in lieu will leverage all the upcoming desi talent I am working with on a global platform. If I climb the ladder of success, I’ll make a hundred rise along with me. I’m not selfish that way and I believe in inclusivity within the industry. Success can never be self-centred and egoistic else its short lived (sic)!,” said Raftaar when asked about his global aspirations.

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