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Luka Doncic surpasses Michael Jordan with yet another triple-double

The 21-year-old finished Sunday’s game on 36 points, 16 rebounds and 15 assists but was left disappointed by his performance after watching his side slip to defeat.

“The second half, I played terrible,” he said, per ESPN. “That’s on me, that game. I was being selfish a little bit because I had 30 points in the first half.

“That wasn’t me in the second half. I’ve got to do way better in the second half. That’s just on me. I’ve got to do way better.”

In just his third season in the NBA, the guard moves into 15th on the all-time triple-double list but is still some way off the top.

Hall of Famer Oscar Robertson currently holds the record with 181 triple-doubles, ahead of second-placed Russell Westbrook on 150.

Luka Doncic recorded his 29th tripe-double on Sunday.


Dallas went into the game against the Bulls with a selection headache — missing a number of players because of injury and due to the NBA’s Covid-19 protocols — and were relying on yet more heroics from its star man.

Whilst Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle says Doncic’s personal achievements were “spectacular,” he said winning games was more important.

“It’s phenomenal, but without a win, he [Doncic] won’t be happy with it either,” Carlisle said, per ESPN.

“We’re entering the most difficult seven days of scheduling in Mavericks history. Individual stats are impressive, but we’re in the business of trying to win games.”

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