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Exclusive: Sridevi’s younger daughter Khushi to make her film debut soon, reveals father Boney Kapoor – Times of India

There has been a lot of speculation around when Sridevi and Boney Kapoor’s younger daughter, Khushi, will step into Bollywood. The aspiring actress is already quite popular on social media and wows her followers with pictures that are high on fashion and glam. Bombay Times has learnt that Janhvi’s younger sister, Khushi, will be making her Bollywood debut soon and a big announcement is underway.

Recently, during a chat with BT, when we asked Boney about his younger daughter’s debut, he said, “Yes, Khushi is also keen on acting. You will hear an announcement soon.” While Boney is a well-known producer, and now an actor, too, he clarified that he won’t be launching Khushi. Janhvi and his son Arjun Kapoor were launched grandly in Bollywood, but not by their father’s production house.

Talking about why he won’t be launching Khushi, Boney said, “I have the resources, but I would rather have someone else launch her because I am her father and one tends to get indulgent. You can’t afford to do that as a filmmaker and nor is it good for the actor. Anil (brother Anil Kapoor) was still an established actor, so it didn’t affect him much, but I think I became an indulgent brother with Sanjay (Sanjay Kapoor) when he made his entry into films.”

Sanjay was launched by Boney in Prem (1995), where he starred opposite Tabu. “I think it may have gone against him. I am glad he is doing some amazing work in the OTT space now. He’s playing interesting characters that he truly deserves to portray and can do justice to. Likewise, I would want Khushi to find her own footing. She will be launched by someone I respect and someone I feel secure and safe about,” said Boney.

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