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Anupam Kher: Today, young actors are professional and talk to us as equals – Times of India

Anupam Kher spent many months of 2020 shooting in the US, and even now that he is back on the home ground, he has continued working. That apart, whether he is strolling through New York’s Central Park or the rose gardens of Chandigarh, the actor engages his followers and fans on social media with insightful videos and thoughts on life. At 65, Anupam who has excelled as an actor across genres, languages and geographical boundaries, believes that he is at the interval of his life and can give the young breed a run for their money. No wonder, he enjoys a huge following amongst the younger generation, too. While talking to BT about how the workings in the industry have changed over the years, and how the new breed is very educated and informed, he says, “Look, we all like romanticising about the past. Isliye antakshari mein hum purane gaane gaate hain. We always say ki pehle aisa nahi tha. The fact is, pehle actors 50 saal tak raaj karte they, ab bechare har actor ko tension hoti hai ki mere last film se mujhe jaana jaayega.”

Elaborating on his interactions with the young ’uns, Anupam explains, “There were certain things that were easier back in the days, but today’s generation has a lot more education and knowledge. They are disciplined, professional and talk to you as equals. They do not give you this false sense ki main aapki badi izzat karta hoon. All my younger actors, Aditya (Roy Kapur), Varun (Dhawan) and others, are not supposed to call me uncle. I do not sit on this pedestal and think ki yeh aayenge aur mere paaon chhooyenge. I feel that I am younger than them and I can give them a run for their money (laughs!). Today, if you are skilled at what you do, then you will get a good opportunity. I tell my students, that if you look different, you have more chances of getting a role in a small budget, OTT project or even a big-budget film. The fact that they are different, they will stand out. Remember that one of the reasons I got my first film Saaransh is because I was bald.”

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