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#EtimesSuaveMen: What shoes to wear with chino pants – Times of India

Chino pants are a trend that everyone wants to adopt. The beauty of chinos, lies in their versatility – you can pull off a chino on countless occasions — be it formal or casual. These pants are made from chino fabric, a cotton twill fabric which is lightweight and comfortable to wear. While they are less formal than dress pants, they are definitely more sophisticated than jeans, which make them perfect for casual and semi-formal events. And, when it comes to styling this pair of pants with shoes, the right choice of footwear can make a huge difference. Read on further and learn how you can perfectly match your shoes with chino pants.

– For a casual outing, chino pants are best teamed up with sneakers and boots. While white sneakers can work well with neutral hues, black boots can be paired with dark-hued pants like blue and brown for a well-put-together look.

– For a semi-casual or smart casual look, a pair of casual lace-up shoes and even loafers can be your go-to option. These shoes can add a touch of sophistication to your look instantly.

lace up shoes

– For a semi-formal setting, you can pick dress shoes like Oxford and derby, which look elegant. Such leather shoes can help to elevate your look and add a polished finish.

Oxford shoes

– For a cocktail attire, chinos can be paired with blazers and the right pair of shoes can provide a crisp look. One can experiment with both suede and leather. Experiment with styles like loafers, derby shoes and even brogues.

Don’t make these mistakes while wearing chinos:

Slippers and open-sandals: The pants are surely known for their versatility, but wearing them with slippers and open sandals can make them look too casual. If you’re in a mood for wearing slippers or sandals, then chino shorts would be your best choice.

Don’t mix casual shirts with formal shoes:
One of the most common mistakes men make is that of wearing a casual T-shirt or a polo shirt with formal shoes. Dress shoes can be a major misfit with casual looks like these.

Invest in the right fit:
A perfect pair of chino pants will sit just above the hips and would be mid-rise. Avoid high-waists, as it can be tighter at the hips and also fits which are low rise, as they can give a sloppy look.

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