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Exclusive! Shweta Tripathi says she enjoys spending time with husband Chaitanya Sharma, calls him her “biggest support system” – Times of India

Shweta Tripathi married the love of her life Chaitanya Sharma aka Slow Cheeta in a fairytale wedding. The couple, who share their love for theatre, diving and football, give out some major relationship goals to everyone out there.
In an exclusive interview with ETimes, Shweta opened up about their super sweet love story and how he has been the biggest support system in her life. Excerpts…

Spilling some beans on where they first met and how their love blossomed, Shweta said, “We were doing a play together and so wet each other there. We spoke to each other and we just hit it off. I knew I wanted him to be my best friend. In just one meeting itself, I grew fond of him. Then we started dating and it has been seven years now. He is my biggest support system and he is one who makes me laugh.”

Elaborating further, she added, “In fact, I recently asked him who makes him laugh as he is always the funny person around. He said it was me. This lockdown has given us a lot of me-time. I am very happy and grateful for it. It is always fun. We are each other’s best company. We enjoy everything together.”

Gone are the days when an actress getting married meant it was the end of her career. Shweta is one actress who not only has a supportive husband but equally loving and supportive in-laws. “My husband and in-laws have been very supportive of my career and me. Earlier, I had one family that used to support me and now I have two. My life has changed after marriage because I am busier than ever. Ever since I have been married, I have been doing more work than before. My family, husband and my in-laws are my biggest fans and also my biggest critics ever. They are the first ones to watch anything new that I do. They are always excited to see me perform. I am so glad that my work is being appreciated at home also,” Shweta averred.

Ask her what she was up to during the lockdown and she is quick to respond, “I was doing absolutely nothing during the lockdown. I once made tea and it was so bad that my husband got an upset stomach. Then my father-in-law and I made an ice-cream which only my sister-in-law ate. Chaitanya literally told me that he loves me but I should never try this again.”

Further, she added, “I didn’t fall prey to those social media trends that were going on at that time. I did what made me happy and even if that meant doing nothing. I spent quality time with my family. I even cleaned up my room.”

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