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My COVID Story: My CT scan showed moderate COVID infection but my test reports were negative – Times of India

Nayonika Bidichandani got her CT scan to find out she had a mild COVID infection. She was hospitalised and put on heavy medicines but her tests gave negative results. Here is her COVID journey

9th November 2020 was the day when I started coughing, had cold and was down with a mild fever as well. I thought it’s a normal thing as my indulgence of having cold juice and water was high few days back. I started taking Crocin and Mox tablet, feeling confident that it’s just a normal cough and cold and definitely not coronavirus. My fever was on for a few days but thanks to crocin I was able to manage myself for the upcoming Diwali shopping and last moment rush to the markets for Diwali. Who knew that I was ready to invite all sorts of medicine and injections in the coming week.

The day Diwali ended, I saw everyone in my family suddenly coughing which did gave me a realization that I might have caught the virus. My fever was gone and I was just left with mild cough but I had also got ulcer in my tongue suddenly because of which I just couldn’t eat, drink and talk effectively. So I thought maybe it’s just some weather change or something else but maybe I don’t have the virus in me. We as a family started taking Ivermectin medicine thinking that we might have the virus but were still not so ready for taking the test thinking that we’ll be definitely negative and hence why to take the hassle and stress of Corona test.

That was our biggest mistake. After lots of persistence of our relatives we decided to take CT scan just so we can be on the safe still thinking that there is no Coronavirus in our house. Our oxygen levels were always on the bar and we still had not lost our sense of taste or smell so definitely there was no covid. That’s what we used to tell ourselves and convince.

One fine day, me and my mother’s CT scan report was out which gave us shivers. My CT score was 10 which indicates a moderate to high level Covid symptom. Thankfully my mother’s score was normal which indicated that she was fine. I was immediately rushed to the hospital for 5 days treatment of Remdesvir and steroids and blood thinners and antibiotics and what not. Also I was told that my ulcer may be a symptom of Covid-19. On the very first day, the hospital took my swab test (Ironic that after being already admitted I took my first corona test). The report was negative and my brain sunk. No one including doctors could understand that why the report was negative thinking that there might be some mistake so another swab test was taken which also showed negative. It was the weirdest thing that ever happened to me. Here my reports were negative and I was on heavy medication of Covid-19 treatment with a CT score of 10.

With all this, I still completed my 5 days treatment still not sure whether I had COVID or not. But mostly I had because it’s very unlikely for everyone in my family to face some kind of COVID symptom randomly.

Coronavirus is such a weird disease, you cannot understand it until you are facing its consequences. When I was in hospital, all I could think of was why I just didn’t sanitise myself when I came home or why was I roaming outside when I was little down with fever or why I didn’t just drank water every single day. I also got the thought of whether some one somewhere might have got this virus because of me and might be suffering now just like me maybe or worse who knows.

The small precautionary steps and measures can save us big time from this disease. Covid-19 is no joke it’s around us it’s there and the moment you think it will not touch you it’s gonna make its way to your lungs. Wash your hands, Sanitise and be safe.

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